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Yowza! Animation is an animation studio based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and founded by Claude Chiasson in June 1996. They specialize in providing additional animation and/or clean-up and ink-and-paint for various shorts and feature films. On July 4, 2016, Heather Walker bought Yowza! Animation from founder Claude Chiasson.

A former Production Accountant from Toronto, ON claims in a review written for INDEED that Yowza! Animation is Poorly managed and unprofessional: "If you are a designated accountant or working towards a designation, I highly recommend that you avoid this company. Poor working conditions, the pressure to report with insufficient information."


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Production Accountant (Former Employee) says

"If you are a designated accountant or working towards a designation, I highly recommend that you avoid this company. Poor working conditions, pressure to report with insufficient information"

Animator (Former Employee) says

"Highly skilled company. The staff is very helpful. I can only imagine it would be much better if I were to work at the workplace in Toronto, but I worked remotely in Ottawa, Ontario from home"

Cindy says

"I cannot reach customer service....does it even exist?"

Betty says

"I had nothing but problems with my Yowza Osprey Treadmill. It squeaked all the time and little black shavings constantly came out of bottom. Customer service was non-existent in my experience. Couldn’t find parts needed for repair. Had it serviced at my expense but only lasted 2 weeks. After 3 years of problems with unit, I finally got rid of it. I’m a senior and used it very lightly."

Wayne F Miller says

"No longer operating as a business per Florida Consumer Services"

Ehab ElZanaty says

"Yowza is a Horrible company. The worst warranty and equipment. Stay away please, you will be doing yourself a big favor. I purchased a new machine from their official website, they sent me a refurbished one and still problematic until today. They have a fake warranty that never worked and never even sent me one spare part. I am quite disappointed because I paid almost $2000 and they never any service to me. They promised to send me a full refund check more than a year ago, but it never arrived. Please note that they also sell in department stores under the different brand name, stay vigilant."

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